Meet the people that make the Gateway platform the world's largest database dedicated to enabling safer choices of chemical products for the textile, apparel and footwear industry. 


We aim for better, more
sustainable and more efficient

At goodless we believe in doing things better. but it does not stop at just believing. we are constantly looking for innovative ways that are not only ecologically sound, but also efficient. because that combination cannot be stopped.


Preserving our planet

We believe in a world where things are made without harmful chemicals. Consumer demands can be met without depleting natural resources. Our goal is to make that happen. We connect, innovate and empower to change how products are made. Together we can protect the place we call home.

how we do what we do

Moving forward - together

Collaboration is fundamental to our work. We've built a global ecosystem to bring organisations together. Our solutions and guidelines transform how chemicals are used. Our community spreads knowledge and ideas throughout the world. We want safer products to be the norm - everywhere.

the impact of our work

A better future

By empowering every point of the value chain towards safer manufacturing, we are building a new status quo. Our dynamic, determined community helps to reduce the industry's environmental footprint. Step-by-step, we want to build a better future for everyone.


Meet the Team

Vanessa Schulz

Product Manager - Gateway

As the ZDHC Gateway Product Manager Vanessa is responsible for internal and external communications. Vanessa works closely with ADEC Innovations, to ensure the continuous improvement of the ZDHC Gateway and CheckTools. Prior to joining ZDHC, Vanessa worked for CHT Germany GmbH in the Jeans & Garment Department as a Technical Service Engineer. In her role she was responsible for application-specific consultation, especially regarding eco friendly bleaching concepts. Vanessa holds a Master Degree in Textile Products - Textile and Clothing Technology from the Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences.

Valentin Jully

Systems and Solutions manager

Valentin manages the development of platforms and tools for the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme. Furthermore, he implements and scales the knowledge base and customer support solutions as well as improving the cyber security of the online systems. Prior to joining ZDHC, Valentin’s work was to implement the assessment of social auditors and online training for AQM, performing some social audits around Bangladesh, China and Cambodia himself. Valentin holds an engineering degree specialised in technical textiles and advanced materials from ENSAIT, Europe’s leading textile engineering school in Roubaix, France.

Georgia Papadopoulou

Impact and Solutions Controller

Georgia is responsible for the ZDHC Impact and Progress reporting of ZDHC Foundation and its solution and oversees the development of the ZDHC Gateway. Georgia works closely with the internal ZDHC teams to identify needs, set the strategy for future developments and ensure the continuous improvement of the platforms. 

‍Before joining ZDHC, Georgia was part of the Corporate Responsibility Department of Tommy Hilfiger working on supply chain and lower impact projects. Then, she took a role in the Finance Department at PVH. Georgia holds a Bachelor degree in Physics and Master degrees in Environment & Resource Management and Renewable Energy Systems from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and International Hellenic University respectively.

Eva Steiner

Gateway Associate

As the ZDHC Gateway Associate, Eva supports the ZDHC Gateway Product Manager with communications and processing requests from Feedback and Demand management tools. She further coordinates and creates Knowledge Base content for all Gateway users with regard to new features and enhancements. Prior to joining ZDHC, Eva completed an internship at our Implementation HUB where she worked on new solutions for the Supplier Platform and supported the team in project and platform management. Alongside her work at ZDHC, Eva is pursuing a degree in International Fashion & Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and is an active member of their student-led sustainability collective.

Nina Bendias

Business Process Manager

As the Knowledge Base Manager, Nina is responsible for scaling up and continuously improving the customer journey and support of ZDHC Programme participants and Gateway users. 

Prior to joining ZDHC, Nina has worked at Rainforest Alliance, where she held several positions, such as supervisor of the customer success team, project manager for digital solutions and innovation manager for process improvements and new business models. She holds a Master Degree in Politics and Economy of the Middle East and has a background in design thinking and lean and agile management.

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