Chemical Module

The Chemical Module helps us to scale our efforts. This digital tool simplifies the search for safer chemistry solutions to use in manufacturing processes. The Gateway connects the industry, builds trust and reduces the administrative burden throughout the value chain. 


Key Features per User Category

The Chemical Module engages the entire value chain to guarantee proper, sustainable chemical management. There are four key actors in the module: formulators, ZDHC MRSL conformance indicators, suppliers and brands. Each of them benefits from the platform in different ways. 


Chemical formulators that join the ZDHC Gateway play an instrumental role in driving the fashion and apparel industry’s uptake of safer chemical management practices. They publish their ZDHC MRSL conformant products on the platform and track the performance of their products on the ZDHC Gateway. The Chemical Module allows formulators to classify their chemical products, while the virtual catalogues help them to reach out to their customers.


Before any products are published on Gateway, the ZDHC MRSL Conformance Indicators review and verify the product information. After the products have been verified, the information is made accessible for suppliers and brands on the platform. This process ensures that only verified products are allowed to comprise the Gateway’s chemical database.


Chemical product details such as ZDHC MRSL Conformance Levels and certification are available for various chemical products, and suppliers can browse through them. Suppliers can also invite their formulators to register chemical products on the Chemical Module. Adding new ZDHC MRSL conformant products will support the continuous improvement of our suppliers’ chemical inventory in their Performance InCheck reports.


The Gateway is a library of safer, innovative chemical alternatives. The Chemical Module increases transparency, while supporting sustainable procurement decisions. Brands can use the platform to educate their suppliers on sustainable procurement options. The Chemical Module also pushes brands to ask their suppliers to raise the bar on chemical management.


Access: One Platform with All the Features

The ZDHC Gateway is open to ZDHC Contributors and their supply chain partners. It consists of two Modules and is supported by its CheckTools: ZDHC ChemCheck, ZDHC Performance InCheck and ZDHC ClearStream.


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in one of the two following ways:

The ZDHC Gateway platform is open to ZDHC Contributors and Friends and their supply chain partners
(Formulators, Suppliers, Laboratories or chemical product certification bodies (ZDHC MRSL Conformance Indicators)).

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Ask your supply chain partner to invite you to the ZDHC Gateway and send you a registration link.

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Please note that we will require information about your organisation in order to verify its eligibility for the platform before a registration link is sent.