Wastewater Module

The ZDHC Gateway - Wastewater Module saves time and supports transparency throughout the value chain. Through our Wastewater Module, supplier facilities can test their wastewater once and share the results simultaneously with all of their clients. 

Wastewater Module

How It Works

To achieve wastewater test results that conform to ZDHC standards, all actors in the value chain have to work together. We created the ZDHC Gateway - Wastewater Module to facilitate this process systematically. 

ZDHC Accepted Laboratories, test suppliers wastewater based on the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and upload wastewater test results on behalf of the suppliers on the Gateway. Suppliers can indicate their industry sector, processed materials and process types in their Supplier Profile and activate a specific ZDHC Wastewater Guideline (ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines V1.1, ZDHC Leather Wastewater Guidelines Addendum, and ZDHC MMCF Interim Wastewater Guidelines). The Gateway assesses the reported test values based on the applicable Wastewater Guideline set up for the specific supplier.

After the results are reviewed by the supplier, the suppliers can publish their results and the corresponding ClearStream report on the Gateway to make them available for the brands they are connected with. 

Brands are then able to download the results once they are connected with the Suppliers and use the data for their supply chain mapping or impact reporting. 


One platform - many features

The ZDHC Gateway is open to ZDHC Contributors and their supply chain partners. It consists of two Modules and is supported by its CheckTools -  ZDHC ChemCheck, ZDHC Performance InCheck and ZDHC ClearStream.


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The ZDHC Gateway platform is open to ZDHC Contributors and Friends and their supply chain partners
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